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We respect every employee who works with us. We value every individual who grows with us. We are a cohesive Tritech big family composed of more than 150 employee cross multiple nationalities and cultures from 10 countries. We practice creative management that fosters mutual growth by seeking the best partners while also continuing on our side to satisfy the conditions necessary to be chosen, and maintaining equal relationships.

In Tritech, we do not make a difference but make engineering solutions differently through creative out-of-box thinking and innovative technologies. We handle unfavourable geological conditions, design solid foundations and build infrastructures on and below ground. We re-shape and expand cities with creation of underground space to mitigate the land scarcity for sustainable development.

We deal with water & environmental problems as well, for clean and green cities. We also develop new digital technologies and software to transform engineering works into automation. Along the long journey of 20 years, we have received many awards from Singapore governmental agencies.

Join us to start your best career journey with Tritech!