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Dr Er Wang Xiaoning
Managing Director

Dr Jeffrey Wang is the managing director of Tritech Consultants and Tritech Group Limited. He is responsible for the overall operation of the program, including strategic planning, administration and marketing. He is a modern and forward looking migrant from China.

He obtained his first doctoral degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1989, and was conferred his second doctorate from the National University of Singapore in 2004. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Singapore. In addition to numerous awards received throughout his career, Jeffrey was a Guest- Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. Ever since Jeffrey came to Singapore in his twenties, he had been actively involved in many consultancy, construction and engineering projects in Singapore. He was in charge of the design and supervision for more than 100 projects in Singapore and overseas. He was the technical leader for a number of mega infrastructure projects in Singapore.

In 2000, Dr. Jeffrey Wang initiated his own business venture, Tritech. With enduring efforts spanning a few years, Tritech rapidly become a group of companies with a wide range of business scope from design, consultancy, site investigation, instrumentation & monitoring, engineering survey, ground engineering to construction. Jeffrey hopes to establish a group of companies to provide an array of new technologies for customers in our region.

Dr Er Loh Chang Kaan

Dr. Loh is an idealistic and practical entrepreneur. He takes charge of business and technical development, operations and commercial issue of Tritech’s subsidiaries companies. He played an invaluable role in setting up Tritech competitive organisation structure and growing it from strength to strength.

Dr. Loh is a registered Professional Engineer in Singapore and Malaysia with more than 20 years of design experience. He is also a Specialist Professional Engineer in Geotechnical Engineering practising in Singapore. He has been actively involved in many consultancy, construction and engineering projects in Singapore and Malaysia. He is a specialist in ground engineering works and played important roles in major civil engineering and building projects. He is an invited speaker and trainer for various seminars and training courses for deep excavation construction and geotechnical monitoring works.

He was awarded the prestigious Tunku Medal by the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation, Ministry of Education Malaysia, as the Best Graduate of the Year (1993) for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. In 1994, Dr. Loh furthers his study at the National University of Singapore and obtained his M.Eng and Ph.D degrees in engineering.

Er Liang Foo Jee

Er Liang Foo Jee is a Director of our subsidiary, Tritech Consultants Pte Ltd and is responsible for the execution of its professional engineering works. Prior to joining our Group in 2000, Er Liang practiced as a professional engineering consultant for two years and was the Principal Civil Engineer with the Housing Development Board for approximately 30 years, where he was widely involved in design and construction of infrastructures as well as superstructures.

Er Liang holds a Master of Science (Construction) in 1977 from the Unviversity of Singapore and has been a registered Professional Engineer in Singapore since 1973. He was awarded the Public Administration Medal in 1985 and the Long Service Medal by the President of Singapore in recognition of his contributions. Er Liang is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineer and Chartered Engineer in England.

Dr Tan Chien Hsiang

Dr Tan Chien Hsiang joined Tritech Consultants as Director on 1 October 2019. He is also the Deputy CEO of Tritech Environment Group. In this role, he is responsible for the Group’s Water and Environment businesses, and to drive Tritech Consultants as a consulting firm with specialty in Water and Environment solutions.

He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from National University of Singapore in 2011. His topic is on Modelling and Optimization of the Forward Osmosis Process. He had presented and published more than 10 technical papers in international journals and conferences on water and wastewater treatment.

Dr Tan first joined the Group in 2011 as a Specialist of our subsidiary, Tritech Water Technologies Pte Ltd. He was responsible for setting up the group’s membrane manufacturing base in Qingdao, China, and to spearhead innovations in water and wastewater treatment using membrane technologies. He is also responsible for the group’s digital platform solutions (ADAS) for Water and Environment assets monitoring and management.